پایگاه اطلاع رسانی انجمن تخته نرد ایران - Explanation of Chess and Invention of Backgammon in Ancient Documents

The vizārišn ī catrang ud nihišn ī nēvardašēr, ‘explanation of chess and invention of backgammon’ (VC), is a romantic record of how the game of chess was introduced into Persia from India, and how the Persin wise invented the game of Backgammon. The earliest examples of board games found in Persia come from different sites, Jīruft, Šahr ī suxtag, etc.; there are good reasons for going back at least as far as the third millennium B.C. The old (secondary) texts mention the board game(s) played by the Achaemenian king Artaxšaçā (Plutarch) and by the first Sasanian king Ardašēr (KAP). For this reason, the present text VC reflects an older version about these two board-games, chess and backgammon; the older names of the Persian king and his minister have been changed to those of the famous Husrō (Chosroes I, 6th century) and his wise minister Vazurgmihr –just as we see the traces of Cyrus’ life in the Chronicle of Ardašēr (KAP). Firdōsī translated it into Persian.  There was a romantic record of why the game of chess was invented by an Indian prince; we find a Persian version of it in the Šāhnāma.  One chapter of the Ēvēnnāmag was about the game of chess –it has been referred at the end of the present text – and another about the backgammon. The works on chess and Backgammon, in Persian and Arabic, contain interesting information about the history of chess. References to chess and backgammon in Sanskrit literature are scarce; they however should not be neglected.

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پایگاه اطلاع رسانی انجمن تخته نرد ایران
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